A short blog from me today! Now its kind of Bar-B-Q season we love a Dip-Tastic Dip!

And something the children love too and is a real winner! We recently went to a friends house for a Bar-B and the dip was delicious! Obviously everyone loves sharing a recipe – sharing is caring

Dip Dip

Dip Ingredients:


Sweet Chilli Sauce


TA DA !!!


So simple, so easy but sooooo nice!!! And i’m not even a philadelphia fan!!

Lets hope the sun has his hat on for the rest of the summer – we seem to have 1 hot day then a rain day- yuk !!!

Take a look at our Instagram and let us know if you try any of our ideas.

So looking forward to our Sunday Edit this week – wondering if i can stick to just 5 things!

Its also Fathers Day on Sunday – we are going for a picnic (if summer arrives) – Guess what we will be making haha


J x


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