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Kreme of the Bonus Gift

I absolutely love presents and i pretty much love a doughnut to the same extent!  You probably saw on our Instagram we loved National Doughnut Day! Sometimes you go to places or events and just want to take a small token gift or a Kreme Gift!

On a drive home from London recently I stopped at my nearest Krispy Kreme Store.  Have you been to one?  Where you can watch the actual magic being made.  All these little donuts happily tooting round on a conveyor belt, not knowing they will finally end up in someones tummy!  Oh and the smell ……. the smell of freshly made donuts is divine!

We had people coming over for a bar b q so i bought a unique dozen for our dessert! Doughnuts, Ice Cream and Sprinkles – Yes Please! So I went to the till and saw these perfect gift tins.  I bought one each for Honey, Rocco and Nixon with their own donut in – which they absolutely loved!! I picked their fave doughnuts the Chocolate Sprinkle ring and there was no fighting over who would get it!


Ta Da! The Kreme Tin

gift_single tin


Finally I tied one with ribbon and popped it (fresh doughnut included) on top of a present – it just added the right amount of sweetness.  It is completely protected so no squashed doughnut! These also make fab party bags!



You can purchase this Kreme Gift tin from Krispy Kreme for £2.50

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