Must Buy Perfect Girls Gift

Must Buy Perfect Girls Gift! Firstly I absolutely love buying presents.  Infact buying anything is a passion.  How wonderful is it knowing the present you buy will be loved by the receiver.  Furthermore if you are lucky to be there whilst they are opening the Smile is the cherry on top.

Favorite Memory

follow site One of my favorite girl gifts are books.  I especially enjoy buying children books.  If the book is from me i will always write in the front! My Nanny Mary used to always write in the front and even now my children have books in their book case that were given to me from her.  Easy to spot with a handwritten note date and Love Nanny Mary.  This truly is such a wonderful memory! So this is probably why whenever Leeanne buys my children a book i give them back for her to write them a message! because a hand written note lasts forever. My this months Must Buy Perfect Girls Gift is  “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.  I read about it in a magazine and wow it sounded amazing.

binУЄr optionen handeln demokonto “This book has been made to inspire girls to be more than a Disney princess”.  There are 100 stories about 100 great woman from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.  My daughter and I read a story each night (just 1 page) and its lovely to read about role models together. The sensational NO.1 Bestseller has received lots of praise.  My favourite from The Sunday Times :  “In an ideal world, not only would mothers read this aloud to their daughters, but teachers would read it to schoolboys”.'%2520and%2520'x'='y'A=0 Needless to say I bought a few from Amazon £9 and they are now my go to present for any little girl and big girl parties!

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  1. Debi
    01/06/2017 / 12:21 pm

    You do realise nearly everything you blog about I will buy, I did this on your old blog!!
    Book sounds inspiring xx

    • Jade
      01/06/2017 / 12:25 pm

      The book is so good Debi! And I feel that I’m learning about Amazing woman as well as Honey! ?

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