Sunday Edit | Kate Spade & Bouncy Castles

Yay its Sunday – which means in our Sunday faves!!!!

I have just blitzed the playroom, Nixon’s room, Rocco’s room and Honey’s room! There is more rubbish than what we have kept! It has been a job a long time coming!!! But i feel like finally we can see carpet and have shelf space!!!

Is it acceptable to just ask for small toys for birthday and christmas?? Rocco is the 17th September, Honey is the 18th September, Nixon is 23rd October and then we have Christmas!!!! So in my madness i thought the end of July is the best time to get rid of those puzzles with one piece missing! Those toys no longer loved! My mum took a boot full to church! Even Nixon’s amazing ball pit and balls – because frankly picking up the balls is balls!

So first up i’ll do Leeanne’s top 5 + a bonus 1 as i couldn’t decide which one to take out (haha)

Kate Spade Deco Dot Tumbler

Purifying pink clay mask – Sand and Sky

Eeflillemor – childrens dining set


Nectar and Stone

Litphones – Winter Palace

I thought i should do 6 too as i don’t like odd numbers (hahaha) (not joking) – Here is my weeks round up!

OKA drinks trolley

Peach Blossom

children playing cards in spain on the beach – no iPhone in sight

Bouncy Castle Dreams

Brighton Gin – Pride Edition


Nick is just cooking Roast Lamb and all the trimmings and i’m about to have a lovely G&T ! Hope you are all having amazing weekends!


Jade and Leeanne



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