Three is the magic number

go to link Today my littlest love of my life turns the big number 1!  I know everyone says it, but I really can’t believe where that time has gone.

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go here He has literally brought so much joy to our lives and I have really tried my best to soak up all the amazing baby cuddles. But it’s just never enough, is it? Spending every day sniffing his little head whilst he slept on my chest. Then watching him start to discover the world for himself it’s just not enough. I want to bottle it all up and then go relive it whenever I want!

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opzioni binarie aams I don’t know if it’s because this could potentially be our last baby or if it’s because the age gap this time was a little bigger but I have so much more patience this time around. It helps I guess that Sienna and Tate are both at school now. When we had Tate Sienna was a little over 2 and a half. That period of time is such a blur. It was such hard work!! I won’t pretend it was all rainbows and sunshine because I think it is important that people admit parenting is sometimes soul destroying hard! Don’t get me wrong I loved loved loved bringing Tate into our family he too was a little ray of sunshine but having 2 little people who need your help with everything and can’t yet communicate properly was super tough!

see When we had Tate I always knew he wouldn’t be my last baby but it took us a long time to decide to try for Smith this time. We would go through stages where Chris would say shall we have another and I would say no and then I would want to try and Chris would say no. Then one day we both said yes and a few months later little Smith was on his way! Sienna was 6 and Tate 4 when he arrived.


Tastylia (Tadalafil) Buy 20 MG All the stories I heard about having three children was how incredibly hard it is. And that is true some days but on the whole, it’s not that much different from having two! Smith feels like he was always meant to be with us. The kids absolutely adore him and we have been so lucky they have not been jealous at all! I am not sure if it helped that we asked them if they would like another brother or sister before we started to try. They are equal members of this family too so we thought it only fair they agree to add another member. Luckily they both said yes and Smith really is like the perfect puzzle piece we didn’t know we were missing.  If you’re thinking about having a third baby my advice would be to go for it! You’re never going to regret having another little person to love. But you may regret not trying whilst you have the chance?

get link Three is the magic number, well it certainly is for us!

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get link Happy Birthday my beautiful baby boy! Thank you for all the magic you have given us! We love you to the stars!




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